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About us

The Joint Venture “Vero Beverages” (United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Uzbekistan), producing “OMAF Water” trademark, was founded in 2017 as an innovative project in the drinking water field production with the highest quality. In such a short period, the Company has achieved the highest results in product quality, which allowed it to take a leading position in the premium segment of drinking water market.

High quality of drinking water is provided by production with technologies from the extreme depths of the earth (250 meters) and natural filtration stages by nature itself, and man-made with multi-level purification technologies give OMAF water greater softness, preserving its mineral properties and unsurpassed taste.

About OMAF drinking water


OMAF Water offers six different options, from 0.35 to 20 liters! Most of the OMAF artesian water has been filtered for centuries through layers of rocks and sand. The quality, taste and softness of OMAF Water are tested by time!

Product export


The Vero Beverages company, the OMAF Water trademark, is interested in supplying its products to large retail chains in the CIS and the Middle East. OMAF artesian water has a number of advantages among the waters on the market of the CIS countries. This is primarily its natural origin, as well as a unique balanced composition of minerals in the water, natural and technological stages of purification, which makes it healthy and optimal for daily use.

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Vero Max General Trading LLC, Dubai, UAE