The strategy of the Vero Beverages Company is aimed at improving and developing the market for high-quality drinking products to meet the growing needs of society, expanding and strengthening its market positions and entering the foreign markets of Central Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

Achieving maximum coverage and coverage across all distribution channels in the Republic of Uzbekistan and the United Arab Emirates as a whole, increasing product recognition by consumers, as well as increasing the loyalty of partners and consumers to the Company and the OMAF Water brand, are the main goals in terms of commercial policy.

The products manufactured by our Company are high quality, competitive, unique and in demand in the market of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which is one of our main advantages, and the efficiency of order fulfillment will once again confirm our position in the market.

Vero Beverages is committed to expanding into new markets and is ready to consider any cooperation proposals.

Cooperation with us is an individual approach to each of our partners, a flexible system of discounts, optimal delivery conditions, assistance in promoting the Company’s products, support in the development of sales promotion activities and advertising campaigns aimed at both retailers and partners of the company, and consumers

JV LLC “Vero Beverages” invites everyone interested in long-term cooperation and promotion of the Company’s products for cooperation. For its part, the Company guarantees stable, high-quality and professional service.