JV LLC “Vero Beverages”, OMAF Water trademark, in March 2020 successfully passed the certification of the National Certification System of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which once again confirms the high quality of the products and demonstrates the Company’s intentions to produce truly high-quality premium drinking water. The technologies used in the production of drinking water are widely used in the world and are exclusive on the territory of Uzbekistan, allowing to ensure the extraction of the purest artesian water from the extremely deep bowels of the earth and, at the same time, to carry out additional purification processes thanks to special man-made technological processes that do not affect mineral composition and useful properties of water.

Our mission:

Providing the purest premium quality drinking water to the markets of Central Asia and the Middle East.

The Vero Beverages company intends not only to produce and provide the purest drinking water for consumers, but also to arrange the supply of products for the business segment, thereby providing enterprises and organizations with high-quality products, as well as to provide the purest drinking water to areas in need of this product.

The Vero Beverages company is proud that the integral unity of traditions, striving for a better future, the uniqueness of the culture of the East and modern technologies recognized throughout the world have become the basis on which a dynamically developing company has emerged, whose name is synonymous with quality and trust. Vero Beverages is constantly improving the level of the quality management system in order to offer the purest artesian water to the market, thereby raising the image of not only the Company, but also the Republic of Uzbekistan as a whole. We strive to maintain traditions, develop culture and convey only positive values to every member of society.